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Dior Vintage Feather Hat

Dior Vintage Feather Hat

This exquisite hat has the most glamourous and beautiful feathers! I have tried to capture the styles and colors in my photo. A very delicate hunter green netting with tiny sparkles covers the feathers. Whether you collect hats, wear them or both, this is one is certain to be a prized addition to your collection. $125.00

Red roses hat: Kentucky Derby style

Red roses hat: Kentucky Derby style

This is an amazing huge hat covered in fabric roses with some green leaves.  The straw base is rather small and would not stay put just perched on top of your head.  I had netting added to match the netting in the back of the hat.  This netting strap which ties under the chin keeps this hat in place.

I don't think you will see another hat just like this one.  Definitely, it is a show stopper.  I see this hat at the Kentucky Derby, a victorian style tea party or in your collection.   $99.00

Vintage Carnegie green satin hat: 1940s

Vintage Carnegie green satin hat: 1940s

This is a beautiful hat from the 1940s from Hattie Carnegie's store.  It has a Hattie Carnegie box and dated sales address to go with it.  The hat is made of exquisite green satin with lots of pleating and shirring.  Inside is the label which reads Hattie Carnegie.  There is also a pair of hair combs to fasten this hat to your hair.  This is a true collector's item!   $125.00

Vintage blue feather hat: Coralie

Vintage Carnegie green satin hat: 1940s

A beautiful blue feather hat is waiting for you.  Vibrant in color, lush and silky soft, excellent condition-looks like it has never been worn.  It will fit a small to medium sized head.  Just a few of these lush feathers need to be smoothed and tamed. 
SALE $55.00


Currently the designer signed pieces include: Art nouveau style, Avon, Fred A. Block, Carnegie, Castlecliff, Celebrity, Charel, Coralie, Coro, Sarah Coventry, Crown Trifari, Crown Trifari Alfred Phillipe, Christian Dior, Givenchy, Germany, W. Germany, Haskell, Hobe, Italy, Japan, Anne Klein II, Kasper for ASL, Kramer NY, La Paloma, Lady Bird, Laguna, Estee Lauder, Marvella, Musi, Napier, ORA, Oscar de la Renta, Parklane, Erwin Pearl, Pegasus Coro, Phyllis, Reinad Sceptron, Renoir Sateur, Schiaparelli, Schreiner, St. Martin, Trifari, Valentino, Van Dell, Vendome, Victorian, Vogue, Weiss, Whiting & Davis and Wire Knitz. We are frequently adding new pieces, so this list may change depending upon new additions and sales.

The designers' pieces include artisan, articulated pins, aurora borealis crystals, crystals, lucite, faux pearls, mother of pearl, murano glass, rhinestones, thermoset and pot metal. Various finishes such as gold tone, silver tone and 1/20 of 12 K G.F. are also included.  This list is also affected by what sells and what is added.

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